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The Discovery of CBD as a Cannabinoid

For thousands of years humans have been using cannabis for both its medicinal and ornate qualities. As early as 12,000 years ago, cannabis could be found in the Altai Mountains of Central Asia. It was not until 1942 that CBD was removed and isolated from the Cannabis sativa plant. A chemist from the United States named Rogers Adams first isolated the compound from the hemp plant grown in rural Minnesota.

Cannabidiol, abbreviated as CBD, is the non-psychoactive component of cannabis, and it has garnered tremendous interest from pharmaceutical companies and physicians due to the potential in treating a variety of ailments. Plants with an abundance of CBD often have ample amounts of CBDV and CBDO, as they are derivatives of CBD. Scientists believe that certain portions of the CBDV and CBDO compounds may act as potential treatments for a variety of conditions, including cancer, arthritis, inflammatory conditions, inflammatory bowel disease, and more. 

By taking a closer look at the administration and effects of CBD, through clinical research, scientists had the means and efficacy to study the effects of cannabinoids on humans. As it turns out, cannabinoids are really, really interesting. Cannabinoids are extracted from the cannabis sativa plant and have a wide range of therapeutic effects. They are also responsible for relaxing everything from your muscles and bones, to your brain and immune system. In addition to having a wide range of therapeutic effects, CBD has been recommended as beneficial for immune system health, arthritis, and other inflammation.

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All About Reputable Supplies of CBD

Like any product destined for human ingestion, Cannabis is thoroughly studied from seed to sale. A long list of compliance practices exists for producers and distributors to understand and excel at every stage.

Just as in food production, not every CBD supplier is made equally. Inferior sources of biomass or inefficient practices at any production stage can make for an inferior product.

Due to standardized practices, compliant and legally sold cannabis products are safe and effective for medical and recreational use. However, wherever these standards exist, Abundant Labs goes beyond. We are proud to be an industry leader in innovation, quality, and excellent methods. Below are a few points that allow us to stand apart and offer genuinely exceptional products and how a lesser product may compare.



Building clinical products means examining the farm-to-distillate process closely to avoid any harmful biochemicals tagging along. This examination raises concerns about using pesticides, herbicides, and other chemical additives for plant products. While these practices may increase yields, they do so at the cost of quality. A good product begins with sourcing clean biomass from reputable farmers who excel at their craft without harmful chemicals.

Abundant Labs sources from farmers who provide clean biomass with exceptional and unique properties. Our product is received fresh so that we may begin the distillation process with as little loss of delicate oil as possible.



Maintaining the delicate properties which make cannabis so varied and unique is one of the most pressing challenges regarding CBD producers. Rushing any step of the process or using lesser extraction technologies will result in a product with less impact and character.

Our equipment ensures an extraction temperature below -90ºC, allowing for consistent and efficient extraction. A balance of low temperatures and centrifugal force is part of what sets our process apart.



As a blanket practice, the 2018 Farm Bill allowed for the production, possession, and sale of CBD products so long as they do not contain over 0.03% THC content. This is the benchmark for all legal CBD products distilled in the domestic market. Lesser products will include a higher percentage of THC, compromising the drug’s intended effects. This has been especially dangerous for those who are screened for THC in the workplace.

Abundant Labs exceeds purity by controlling product makeup down to the molecular level. Our Broad Spectrum CBD Distillation process is beneficial for users seeking the synergistic effects of cannabinoids present in hemp but want options for removing particular cannabinoids. This targeted approach is especially important for clients with little experience with hemp extract or sensitivity to certain cannabinoids.



Manufacturing Practices

Beyond the end product, considerations must be made for the cleanliness of the facility, management practices, and employee fairness. A reputable supplier excels not only in what they put out but what they put in. For this reason, Abundant Labs proudly displays our cGMP certification.

cGMP certification ensures procedures, technologies, and systems are up-to-date to comply with Federal regulations and that the correct techniques and equipment are in place to prevent contamination and errors that may affect consumers. cGMP systems include a series of controls for quality-focused operations, including management systems, quality raw materials, standard operating procedures, detecting and investigating deviations, and reliable analytical testing.


As you can see, not all CBD products are created equally. If you have further questions about the process or quality of our products, please drop us a line. Education and good information is key to building a stronger cannabis community, and we look forward to connecting further with you.

How Can I Partake in CBD?

As the gentler of the two major cannabinoids extracted from the Cannabis plant for recreational and medical use, CBD comes in a variety of forms for convenient usage. While it is considered a safe and medically sound natural product linked to benefits in both relaxation and pain management, one should consult their physician before exploring the health benefits.

At Abundant Labs, extraction and distillation are our specialties. The full-spectrum CBD is first extracted and isolated from the flower of the Cannabis plant before a distillation process which ensures purity and reliability of the finished product.

For those who are either exploring or are experienced in Cannabis products, market deregulation and innovations in the field of cannabis processing have significantly increased the options for CBD consumers to introduce the product into their lifestyle.

Usage may be dermal, sublingual, or via inhalation. Each offers a similar experience, but different methods and preferences are yours to explore.



The suspension of CBD in carrier oil or a tincture is a popular method for packaging consumer-ready CBD products. Easy-to-use rubber heads make it easy to start with a controlled dose and modify based on preference. The oil is taken into the bloodstream through micellization—a process where CBD oil is taken up by molecules in the body. Micellization allows lipids to become water-soluble and introduced into the bloodstream, where their effects may take place.

With Abundant Lab’s “Energy” tincture, essential oils including turmeric and lemongrass are infused alongside full-spectrum distillate for convenient energy aid.

To use, draw a dosage up through the stopper and place the oil beneath your tongue. Do not swallow, simply hold the tincture beneath your tongue.


Drinks / Edibles

Using the process of micellization, CBD may be infused directly into soft drinks, foodstuffs, and teas. The benefits of this format are that they come in a variety of flavours and are packaged in convenient formats for either immediate consumption, steeping, or preparation at home. Depending on state legislation, these products may contain higher concentrations of the psychoactive component THC, so read labels carefully prior to ingestion.

Cannabis drinks enter the bloodstream much faster than edibles, and as a result, it is best to experiment with dosages before taking a sizable quantity. Start small and scale up for desired effects.



Inhalation through burning dried flower or concentrated forms such as vapor or shatter, are popular means of consuming CBD products. In this form, uptake is rapid—the CBD enters your bloodstream directly through the blood vessels of the lungs.

Except in the case of vaping CBD concentrates, THC is nearly inextricable from inhalation format. Even high-CBD cannabis strains contain large quantities of THC.

To use dried flower, ignite your bowl or rolled product directly and inhale into the lungs. Holding onto the smoke for longer will increase the intensity of the effects. For vapour, follow your hardware instructions to engage the product and inhale deeply, holding to increase the effects.


Topical Application

A CBD lotion or salve works by transmission through selectively permeable layers of your skin. Applying directly to your body means a shorter delay in bodily uptake than edible and sublingual methods, which require digestive metabolic processes for absorption.

This format allows for rapid deployment of CBD’s pain-relieving properties. Additional benefits include soothing, cooling, and moisturizing for areas where dermally applied, amplified by herbal additions to the salve.

We offer both full-spectrum CBD Salve and Lotion for dermal application, each with skin benefits as well as high-quality distillate. To use, apply to any area of the epidermis. Begin with a small area to ensure effective uptake with no irritation.


Whichever way you wish to take CBD products, ensure they are of the highest quality. Abundant Labs offers bulk isolate and THC-free products to suit the needs of any cannabinoid product manufacturer. Contact us today to learn more, or click around our website for further information on CBD and our scientific practices.

What Tests are Done on Legal CBD?

As a federally regulated substance, CBD testing on legal cannabis products is extensively researched and meticulously observed to ensure retailer and customer confidence in a product sold and consumed. Through a strict following of all regulations, producers and labs work together to ensure that you can trust exactly what is in your product. We remove the guesswork so you can enjoy safely, confidently, and with the best times ahead.

The push for standardised testing of cannabinoid products continues to increase as not all manufacturers of products adequately test materials before leaving the facility. This is largely due to the lack of oversight from a federal entity, such as the Food and Drug Administration. However, we strive to produce the highest quality isolates and distillates in the market by following rigorous testing of materials using high pressure liquid chromatography and flash chromatography in house and then once again by a third party. This ensures the materials do not exceed limits of THC allowed in the material under the 2018 Farm Bill as well as testing for contaminants introduced during cultivation. This is a crucial point in time for the industry as many operators are seeking guidance and standardisation of testing for cannabinoid materials. The absence of oversight allows operators to make claims of composition of material without requiring physical, analytical methods to prove the claim. 

Firstly, to ensure the sole content of either THC or CBD extraction in an isolate product, all cannabinoid distillate is tested prior to release. Following the purification process, advanced chemistry instrumentation is used to determine that no detectable amount of other cannabinoids remain. Secondly, the content of isolated THC, CBD, or other minor cannabinoids is measured to ensure that the product contains exactly the quantities as advertised and nothing else.

A suite of other compliance tests are run to ensure the safety and palatability of the product. Mycotoxins, solvents, moisture, and trace chemical analysis are all tracked and catalogued to prevent unwanted or unpleasant effects during ingestion. It’s not all boring, though! Terpenes are also measured to profile the aromatic and flavour components of the product prior to sensory evaluation.

When you purchase legal CBD, you know you are supporting a program of rigorous and data-driven efficacy. It takes a lot of work behind the scenes to produce to standards set by both regulators and our in-house technicians– work that we at Abundant Labs are happy to do every day. Check out our website for more information on our procedures and equipment, and enjoy with confidence!

Different Smokes for Different Folks — Does CBD Affect People Differently?

With legal cannabis expanding in both legislative terms and social awareness, research is continuously conducted to investigate how cannabinoid products interact with the human body. Thanks to modern science, we know CBD and THC cause different sensations. We’ve come a long way from getting advice out of the back of your older cousin’s car—now more than ever, consumption is safe, lab tested, and scientifically measured. How cannabis makes us feel can totally vary, due in large part to what we know about the effects of CBD. Today, we’ll be tackling a common question we receive: why and how does CBD affect people differently? 

The Body Factors

The biggest variable with respect to how CBD affects an individual would be the unique factors of your existence. Environment and the body are equally important; everything from stressors,  diet, genetics and metabolism can affect the way your body processes CBD. An interesting case of a biochemical quirk would be the relatively small 20% of the population who demonstrate higher natural levels of Anandamide—a neurochemical compound associated with self-centeredness and calm. Since Anandamide activates the same region of the brain as cannabis, individuals with this fortunate genetic makeup will find their receptors already chewing through Anandamide, effectively eliminating the need for external supplementation through CBD.

Who Can Benefit from CBD

As a substance with both medicinal and recreational potentials, the range of users who may benefit from CBD is extensive. A medical user may seek CBD’s soothing benefits as a sleep aid, for reinforced dietary support, as a body relaxation tool, or as a natural pain reliever. Medical users who are experiencing suppressed immune systems may require a markedly lower level of CBD than those using recreationally, however s physician should always be consulted when introducing any new pain regimen to their routine. It is important to note as well that tolerance over time plays a significant role and may increase with extended use, especially in research regarding THC. Since CBD is safe even in large quantities over long periods of timed, exploring the dosage that works best for you is simply a matter of slowly increasing until you find the perfect fit.

We design products to be enjoyed by anyone, and encourage safe cannabis user practises. For more information on our products and process, consult our online store and About Us section!