Jan 03

Different Smokes for Different Folks — Does CBD Affect People Differently?


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With legal cannabis expanding in both legislative terms and social awareness, research is continuously conducted to investigate how cannabinoid products interact with the human body. Thanks to modern science, we know CBD and THC cause different sensations. We’ve come a long way from getting advice out of the back of your older cousin’s car—now more than ever, consumption is safe, lab tested, and scientifically measured. How cannabis makes us feel can totally vary, due in large part to what we know about the effects of CBD. Today, we’ll be tackling a common question we receive: why and how does CBD affect people differently? 

The Body Factors

The biggest variable with respect to how CBD affects an individual would be the unique factors of your existence. Environment and the body are equally important; everything from stressors,  diet, genetics and metabolism can affect the way your body processes CBD. An interesting case of a biochemical quirk would be the relatively small 20% of the population who demonstrate higher natural levels of Anandamide—a neurochemical compound associated with self-centeredness and calm. Since Anandamide activates the same region of the brain as cannabis, individuals with this fortunate genetic makeup will find their receptors already chewing through Anandamide, effectively eliminating the need for external supplementation through CBD.

Who Can Benefit from CBD

As a substance with both medicinal and recreational potentials, the range of users who may benefit from CBD is extensive. A medical user may seek CBD’s soothing benefits as a sleep aid, for reinforced dietary support, as a body relaxation tool, or as a natural pain reliever. Medical users who are experiencing suppressed immune systems may require a markedly lower level of CBD than those using recreationally, however s physician should always be consulted when introducing any new pain regimen to their routine. It is important to note as well that tolerance over time plays a significant role and may increase with extended use, especially in research regarding THC. Since CBD is safe even in large quantities over long periods of timed, exploring the dosage that works best for you is simply a matter of slowly increasing until you find the perfect fit.

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