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How Can I Partake in CBD?


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As the gentler of the two major cannabinoids extracted from the Cannabis plant for recreational and medical use, CBD comes in a variety of forms for convenient usage. While it is considered a safe and medically sound natural product linked to benefits in both relaxation and pain management, one should consult their physician before exploring the health benefits.

At Abundant Labs, extraction and distillation are our specialties. The full-spectrum CBD is first extracted and isolated from the flower of the Cannabis plant before a distillation process which ensures purity and reliability of the finished product.

For those who are either exploring or are experienced in Cannabis products, market deregulation and innovations in the field of cannabis processing have significantly increased the options for CBD consumers to introduce the product into their lifestyle.

Usage may be dermal, sublingual, or via inhalation. Each offers a similar experience, but different methods and preferences are yours to explore.



The suspension of CBD in carrier oil or a tincture is a popular method for packaging consumer-ready CBD products. Easy-to-use rubber heads make it easy to start with a controlled dose and modify based on preference. The oil is taken into the bloodstream through micellization—a process where CBD oil is taken up by molecules in the body. Micellization allows lipids to become water-soluble and introduced into the bloodstream, where their effects may take place.

With Abundant Lab’s “Energy” tincture, essential oils including turmeric and lemongrass are infused alongside full-spectrum distillate for convenient energy aid.

To use, draw a dosage up through the stopper and place the oil beneath your tongue. Do not swallow, simply hold the tincture beneath your tongue.


Drinks / Edibles

Using the process of micellization, CBD may be infused directly into soft drinks, foodstuffs, and teas. The benefits of this format are that they come in a variety of flavours and are packaged in convenient formats for either immediate consumption, steeping, or preparation at home. Depending on state legislation, these products may contain higher concentrations of the psychoactive component THC, so read labels carefully prior to ingestion.

Cannabis drinks enter the bloodstream much faster than edibles, and as a result, it is best to experiment with dosages before taking a sizable quantity. Start small and scale up for desired effects.



Inhalation through burning dried flower or concentrated forms such as vapor or shatter, are popular means of consuming CBD products. In this form, uptake is rapid—the CBD enters your bloodstream directly through the blood vessels of the lungs.

Except in the case of vaping CBD concentrates, THC is nearly inextricable from inhalation format. Even high-CBD cannabis strains contain large quantities of THC.

To use dried flower, ignite your bowl or rolled product directly and inhale into the lungs. Holding onto the smoke for longer will increase the intensity of the effects. For vapour, follow your hardware instructions to engage the product and inhale deeply, holding to increase the effects.


Topical Application

A CBD lotion or salve works by transmission through selectively permeable layers of your skin. Applying directly to your body means a shorter delay in bodily uptake than edible and sublingual methods, which require digestive metabolic processes for absorption.

This format allows for rapid deployment of CBD’s pain-relieving properties. Additional benefits include soothing, cooling, and moisturizing for areas where dermally applied, amplified by herbal additions to the salve.

We offer both full-spectrum CBD Salve and Lotion for dermal application, each with skin benefits as well as high-quality distillate. To use, apply to any area of the epidermis. Begin with a small area to ensure effective uptake with no irritation.


Whichever way you wish to take CBD products, ensure they are of the highest quality. Abundant Labs offers bulk isolate and THC-free products to suit the needs of any cannabinoid product manufacturer. Contact us today to learn more, or click around our website for further information on CBD and our scientific practices.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.