May 09

How Many Types Of Cannabis (Hemp) Extract Are There?


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Extracts and concentrates are becoming the go-to items for consumers as the cannabis (hemp)  market evolves. These products are particularly appealing due to their unbeatable flavor profiles, increased strength, and healthy consumption. With the steady growth of the legal cannabis (hemp) market, the number of different cannabis (hemp) extracts that are available is increasing as well to keep up with consumer demand. As a result, a variety of cannabis (hemp) extracts have been introduced, and we’ve compiled a handy list of them to help you choose the best cannabis (hemp) product for you! (Or simply to sate your curiosity).

What Is An Extract?

The terms “extract” and “concentrate” are sometimes used synonymously, however, this is not entirely accurate. Every extract is a concentrate but not every concentrate is an extract. 

A cannabis (hemp) extract is a sort of cannabis (hemp) concentrate that is made through the use of solvents such as butane, propane, ethanol, and supercritical carbon dioxide, although, there are alternative solventless cannabis (hemp) extraction methods as well. 

The specifics of cannabis (hemp) extraction processes vary slightly depending on the solvent utilized. In general, the procedure entails mixing cannabis (hemp) plant elements with another chemical or substance in such a way that all of the plant’s cannabinoids are removed. The plant matter is subsequently separated from the cannabinoid-infused solvent, which is either evaporated or eliminated by another method. This is what leaves us with the highly-concentrated cannabis (hemp) compounds we know and love. 

So, how many extract types are there? 

Cannabis (hemp) extracts usually get their names from their textures (which can range from liquid cannabis (hemp) oil extracts to crumble, a dry, powdery THC extract) or in some cases, by the method of extraction. 

There is a myriad of extracts currently in existence, and it’s likely that we’ll see many more being developed as the cannabis (hemp) industry grows – and cannabis (hemp) research and science with it. Some of the most common cannabis (hemp) extracts on the market as of today are as follows: 

  • Crumble

Known as plain crumble, crumble dab, or cannabis (hemp) wax, this cannabis (hemp) extract gets its name from its crumbly texture and tends to be one of the stronger concentrates. Crumble is commonly used to treat pain, anxiety, depression, and stress.

  • Wax

Due to its elevated potency, amazing scent and flavor, and rapid effects, cannabis (hemp) wax is one of the most popular extracts. It has an opaque color, spanning from light to dark golden with a soft and flexible consistency and waxy texture, hence the name “wax.”

  • Shatter

Cannabis (hemp) shatter extracts have a golden-amber sheen and pure, clean flavors due to their extraction process, which leaves them with a glasslike appearance. The name “shatter” is fitting for this translucent cannabis (hemp) extract.

  • Budder 

Budder is generally extracted through the use of butane or carbon dioxide, purged at high temperatures, and then “whipped” into its final butter-like consistency. This cannabis (hemp) extract type generally has a high potency as well as being extremely pure.

  • Live Resin

Live resin is produced from raw plants rather than dried cannabis (hemp) plant materials, giving this extract extremely rich aromas. It’s usually a dark yellow color, and it’s highly sticky, so you’ll need a dab rig to manage it.

  • ISO Hash

Isopropyl hash oil, often known as QWISO (quick-wash hash oil), is a cannabis (hemp) extract made with isopropyl alcohol or ethanol as the solvent.

  • Butane Hash Oil

Butane hash oil (BHO) is any cannabis (hemp) extract generated using butane as the principal solvent in an extraction process. It includes various different types of concentrates, each of which has its own texture and consistency.

  • CO2 Oil

This cannabis (hemp) extract is created through supercritical fluid extraction and generally has its focus on terpenes rather than cannabinoids. 

  • Tincture

Cannabis (hemp) tinctures are alcohol-based and interestingly enough, these were the main form of cannabis (hemp) medicines prior to cannabis (hemp) prohibition in the US. This cannabis (hemp) extract is an ideal starting point for new recreational and medical cannabis (hemp) users due to its fast-acting effects and discreet, easy-to-dose form.

Many studies have investigated the health benefits of cannabis (hemp) extracts for medical marijuana patients, and many recreational cannabis (hemp) consumers enjoy their potency and discreet methods of consumption. It’s no wonder the list of available cannabis (hemp) extracts is steadily growing. At Abundant Labs, we utilize scientific methods and approaches to provide you with high-quality, consistent, and safe cannabis (hemp) products. Shop our range of premium cannabis (hemp) extracts and other products on our website

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