Broad Spectrum Distillate


Using the material from the Super-Cryo extraction we triple distill the oil and then re-winterize it guaranteeing the cleanest product. It is then pushed through a column in our flash chromatography to separate the cannabinoids allowing us to segregate your choice of molecules.

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What are the benefits of broad spectrum CBD distillate?

Broad spectrum CBD distillate is beneficial for users that are seeking the synergistic effects of cannabinoids present in the hemp plant, but provide options of removing particular cannabinoids. Thus, users still experience the entrourage effect of cannabinoids within the hemp plant. This is especially important for those with little experience with hemp extract, sensitivity to certain cannabinoids.

What is broad spectrum CBD distillate?

Broad spectrum CBD distillate is an oil extract from the Cannabis sativa plant that is composed of cannabinoids within the hemp plant, but allows for exclusion of certain cannabinoids as per the customer’s needs. Broad spectrum simply means additional steps have been taken during the remediation process to remove certain cannabinoids from the product. This is done by using advanced chromatography methods to separate the various cannabinoids by taking advantage of the individual molecule’s polarity.

Does broad spectrum CBD distillate get you high?

Broad spectrum does not get you “high” or produce psychoactive effects.

What is the best broad spectrum CBD distillate?

The best broad spectrum CBD distillate would be one coming from a cGMP certified facility, such as ours in Asheville, North Carolina. cGMP is the third-party certification of Good Manufacturing Process to ensure each product created within the laboratory follows our standard of “Science of Quality”.