CBD Diamonds and Sauce – CBDiamonds

CBDiamonds is a fun product Abundant Labs has developed using our amazing isolate crystals soaked in hemp derived terpene “sauce”.   CBDiamonds are an adapted product common in the cannabis market, called Diamonds and Sauce.  This product delivers a concentrated blast of vaporized CBD and flavor burst of terpenes that has an immediate effect in pain relief as well as the expected relaxing effects of CBD. 


CBDiamonds are a unique product that combines the concentrated essential oils, called terpenes, that are extracted from hemp and the crystalized CBD extracted and purified from the hemp plant.  Think of it as a “deconstructed” experience like so many fancy dishes popular at restaurants where they strip a meal down to its individual components and present them in new and interesting ways.  We have the ability to produce custom sauces, varying from hemp strain specific terpenes to essential oils of other plants or even natural flavors if you prefer to have some diamonds that taste like blueberry pie, orange creamsicle pops, or strawberry shortcake!  The experience is only limited by imagination.

What are CBD Diamonds?

CBDiamonds are our own custom, in-house creation of CBD diamonds formulated by adding terpene “sauce” to our crystalline CBD. The terpene “sauce” comes from the hemp plant and is responsible for fragrance and taste. Both the CBD crystals and terpenes are extracted and purified independently. Then the two are combined to create a THC-free CBD product with loads of flavor.

Since the highly pure CBD crystals do not contain THC or terpenes after extraction, terpenes are added for the end user to experience the smell and taste of terpenes naturally found in the hemp plant with all of the benefits of our GMP certified CBD.

Do CBD Diamonds contain THC?

Our CBD Diamonds are THC-free. They are analytically tested and yield a non-detectable signal for THC.

What is “terp sauce”?

“Terp sauce” or “terpene sauce” is a thick, oily matters composed solely of terpenes found naturally in the cannabis plant. Terpenes are found in plants and give them their own unique smell and taste. All plants have terpenes, including mint. Mint smells and tastes what we know as mint because of the terpenes found in the plant.

What is a “dab”? What is “dabbing”?

A “dab” is a slang term for a small amount of cannabis derived concentrate. With concentrates and extract being very pure, only a small amount is needed to reach the desired effect, thus the small amount is often referred to as a “dab”. “Dabbing” is the actually act of consuming cannabis extracts and concentrates.

How do you use CBD Diamonds?

CBD diamonds are consumed using a “rig”, e-nail or concentrate pen. This is often referred to as “dabbing”. A rig is a glass piece with an affixed glass bucket or nail instead of the traditional bowl for flower. The glass bucket or nail is heated to about 400F then a small amount, or “dab” of concentrate is applied to the glass bucket or nail. An e-nail, or electronic nail, is very similar but the heat is produced using electricity.

What is Diamond Sauce?

Diamond sauce refers to the terpene sauce, or mixture of terpenes that are added to the CBD crystals.

Do CBD Diamonds Get You High?

CBD diamonds do not get you high. CBD diamonds are THC non-detectable, or THC-free.

How Strong are THC-A Diamonds?

THC-A diamonds are one of the strongest, purest concentrates available, but we do not produce products containing THC.