1500 mg Full Spectrum Tincture

Tinctures allow for direct delivery of the cannabinoids into the body. Applied with a dropper under the tongue, it is simple, convenient, and quick. We use a proprietary blend of essential oils to promote a specific reaction. Whether it is to calm your nerves or create energy, you will find our tinctures to be clean and perfect for your needs.

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How is a CBD tincture made?

A CBD tincture is made by blending either CBD isolate or CBD distillate with a carrier (or essential) oil such as MCT coconut oil. CBD tinctures have a higher bioavailability due to the CBD being absorbed into the bloodstream upon use. Since the CBD tincture is placed under the tongue for about ten minutes, the cannabinoid enters the bloodstream without requiring digestion and processes of the stomach and intestines. Thus, the active cannabinoids reach the bloodstream without being degraded by the acidic environment of the digestive system. Although the CBD tincture is to be placed under the tongue for ten minutes, it is safe to consume (or swallow) after this period of time.

What is a full spectrum CBD tincture?

Tinctures can be made by blending the carrier oil with either CBD isolate or CBD distillate. In the same manner that full spectrum distillate provides the benefits of all the cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, a CBD tincture will do the same. If you’re looking for the synergistic effects of CBD along with other minor cannabinoids, then a full spectrum CBD is your best option. Conversely for those seeking only the benefits of isolate CBD, tinctures are also made using isolate CBD as well.

CBD tincture vs. CBD distillate (oil)

As mentioned above a CBD tincture is made by blending a carrier oil with either CBD isolate or CBD distillate. Most often when people refer to CBD oil, they’re talking about CBD distillate. If you’re looking for CBD oil or distillate, these products are also available for purchase on our store so you can make your own tincture, edibles, beverages, topicals or even dog treats at home.

What is an appropriate CBD tincture dosage?

CBD tinctures are available in different strengths and will be marketed as the total amount of CBD present in the tincture. The most common range is between 500 milligrams all the way up to 4,000 mg. We recommend first time users starting with a tincture in the 1,000 mg to 1,500 mg range. If you’re purchasing from a reputable CBD manufacturer, there will also be a designation for the number of milligrams per milliliter for the tincture. This specifies how much CBD (isolate or distillate) is present within each milligram of the tincture. For example, our 1,500 mg CBD tincture comes in a 30 mL bottle so the concentration is 50 mg/mL. The recommended amount for each use is 0.5 mL. The CBD tincture will include a cap with a dropper attached that displays the volume of CBD tincture to be administered. If you can’t find the exact concentration you’re looking for or would like for us to create a custom tincture for your business to market, reach out to use and we’ll discuss our white label production processes.

Are CBD tincture effective for treating anxiety?

CBD tinctures provide the anxiety relief that many are seeking when purchasing CBD products. Studies have shown CBD is effective in relieving anxiety along with many other health benefits. CBD tinctures reach the bloodstream faster than consuming edibles by “bypassing” the metabolic processes of digestion.

Can CBD tinctures be administered to dogs?

CBD tinctures are also effective for treating your furry friends. Most often this is to aid in osteoarthritic issues for older dogs that are having difficulty getting around. The major difference is that the CBD tincture will contain much less CBD isolate or distillate as compared to those intended for humans. CBD tinctures can be added to dog food for easy administration.

What are the benefits of a CBD tincture?

The benefits of CBD tinctures are the same benefits we describe for our CBD isolate and CBD distillate raw materials. These include relief of chronic pain, improved lung capacity, regulation and prevention of diabetes, fighting cancer, treat depression, treat autism, regulate seizures, improve cognition and concentration, treat glaucoma, alleviate anxiety, slow development of Alzheimer’s, treat inflammatory bowel disease and reduce tremors associated with Parkinson’s Disease. In addition, the inclusion of carrier and essential oils provide holistic benefits as well. Be sure to check out our retail products page for CBD tinctures, Calm and Energy, that utilize essential oils for increased effectiveness depending on desired effects.

Can you vape a CBD tincture?

No, CBD tinctures should NOT be vaporized or inhaled.

CBD tinctures vs. CBD capsules

Many have found CBD capsules to be effective forms of treatment for a variety of ailments. CBD capsules are similar to edible products in that they must be digested and processed through the stomach and intestines before relief begins. CBD tinctures have a higher bioavailability due to the CBD being absorbed into the bloodstream by placing it under your tongue for ten minutes. This is often referred to as sublingual administration.

How long do CBD tinctures stay in your system?

The effects of CBD tinctures can be felt for 2-6 hours after use but will remain in the body for 2-6 days.