May 02

THC and CBD Syrup – The future of hemp-derived beverages


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Cannabis or hemp-derived byproducts have been used by mankind in a variety of ways since the dawn of civilization. The ingestion of hemp derivatives can take many different forms, and non-smoking methods of ingesting this plant have become increasingly popular over the past few years! 

THC and CBD syrups are just what they sound like: they’re infused syrups that can be ingested on their own or mixed with other liquids. As extraction and infusion techniques have improved, the variety of drinks available to consumers has increased, so where does this leave the beverage industry, and what does the future look like for hemp beverages?

What are THC and CBD syrups?

As the name suggests, THC and CBD syrups are liquid hemp products made by mixing distilled plant extract with an oil base. They typically are made with vegetable or coconut oil and can also be mixed with sugars. With THC syrups especially, the highs come on faster and last longer than they would with traditional edibles due to their liquidity. CBD, though not psychoactive like THC, functions the same when extracted and mixed into an oil or syrup base. 

The smokeless highs are quite attractive to both recreational and medical consumers! The low barrier to entry allows chronically ill people to seek natural pain relief without unnecessary discomfort, and those just looking for a fun time can enjoy a fast-acting, powerful high without a smell! 

What does this mean for the drink industry?

Traditionally, THC syrups are very sugary and have a flavor profile reminiscent of cough syrup. For some, this is part of their appeal. However, not all consumers are looking for a lean alternative. Luckily, the market is diversifying and innovators across the industry are coming up with new and innovative THC and CBD syrups. 

These products are now available in a wide variety of flavors with varying sugar contents. In turn, the flavored syrups are being used to create a range of different drink options! Major players across the food and beverage industry like Pabst, known for the famous PBR,  are even beginning to dabble in hemp-derived beverages. Indie brands in regions where marijuana is legal are also making new and exciting drinks.  

The future of hemp beverages

These are still relatively new to the scene: though options are being produced at a record rate, there’s still plenty of room for the industry to grow. THC’s recreational popularity may lead to a new competitor for alcoholic beverages, and we could see the introduction of hemp drinks on tap at local bars and restaurants in the future! Lemonade, soda, and even coffee can be infused with THC syrup of varying flavors, creating a unique taste and experience.

CBD may even become a more popular drink infusion for casual consumption: its non-psychoactive qualities provide consumers with relaxation and pain relief without distorting their thoughts, making it an excellent medicinal infusion. Products like CBD infused-teas could become popular as well. 

When producing CBD and THC syrups, it is crucial to work with consistent dosages. When your product has an assured strength, consumers can feel comfortable giving themselves an adequate dose. Homemade distillation methods are often unreliable, and when creating products infused with hemp-derived products, knowing the concentration is important to have product uniformity. Most importantly, though, is consumer safety. This is why it is vitally necessary to source distillate from a reputable source. 

If you’re interested in creating your own CBD-infused drinks, consider sourcing your distillate product from a reliable lab like Abundant Labs. Their proprietary technologies ensure quality control and accurate data, allowing you to worry less about the extraction process and to relax, knowing your product is safe for consumers.

While we may not know exactly what the future holds, it is certain that CBD and THC syrups will play a major role in the beverage industry. Their medicinal benefits and fast-acting nature have made them extremely popular players in the hemp world. With major alcohol producers and other beverage companies jumping on the bandwagon, it’s clear the future is pointing in a positive direction for infused drinks. 

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