Aug 19

Top Technology for Cannabis and Hemp Extraction in 2022


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As an expert in the field of biological material extraction, Abundant Labs continuously develops and improves methods for cannabis and hemp extraction. One of Abundant Labs key areas of specialization is pharmaceutical research and development, particularly extractions for the use of API synthesis. The success of pure extraction relies on methods as much as on appropriate technologies and equipment. From centrifuge to distillation methods using ethanol and heat, Abundant Labs makes use of top-quality equipment to ensure reliability and uniformity of product.

Quality Tools for Quality Product

Super Cryo-Ethanol Extraction Method is the leading technology for cannabis and hemp extraction in 2022. The method is honed for accuracy by making use of thermal and chemical thresholds to isolate materials in addition to making use of pressure and solvents to purify materials. In the initial process, equipment such as a centrifuge is used to separate biological materials using low temperatures and ethanol. Then, heat and pressure are combined in the falling film and wiped film distillation equipment to separate the isolated materials. In the second phase of the process, the materials are further refined and isolated. In the CBD Isolation Reactor, solvents are used to extract the CBD with no trace of THC. Both Flash Chromatography and High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) use solvents for their refined extractions which focus on removing impurities. The end products undergo further purification to reach optimal standards, such as using vacuum ovens to remove moisture and gas and jacketed glass reactors to manipulate the viscosity of the product. A multi-step process allows for each stage of the process to be controlled and analyzed to ensure quality standards.

The Science of Quality

The equipment for extraction is only half of the technology that rules modern age cannabis and hemp extraction. In order to achieve high-quality cannabis/hemp products that meet the standards needed for pharmaceutical research and development, both methods and technologies to analyze the product are equally important. Abundant Labs has invested substantial resources into on-site testing and experts to oversee the process. By analyzing the product every step of the way, the parameters for the equipment being used can be adjusted accordingly. Processes can also be repeated, if need be. 



 Abundant Labs aims to bring exceptional professionalism to the industry and part of that objective is to ensure quality products by using modern and effective technologies. Particularly by using science to analyze purified products and continuously striving to stay ahead of the game. For a deeper dive into extraction technology, take a look at our free resources.

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