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What is cGMP and what does it mean for consumers?


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What Is cGMP, And What Does It Mean For Consumers?

So, what is cGMP anyway? It’s a set of rules imposed by the FDA regarding how we manufacture consumer goods like food and drugs.

The FDA’s Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations (cGMP) enforce manufacturing facilities and processes. These rules standardize monitoring, design, and control manufacturing facilities, including cannabis operation.

Following the cGMP regulations ensures the quality and purity of drug products. Cannabis manufacturers face several obligations under the cGMP. Manufacturers must have quality management systems, quality raw materials, sound operating procedures, quality detection abilities, and reliable testing capacities. This formal system of controls prevents contamination and errors.

In short, the cGMP assures that drug and food products meet quality standards.

Why are cGMPs so important?

When we buy our food and drugs, we need to trust that they are for our betterment and do not introduce unnecessary risks to our bodies. It’s impossible for consumers to detect if a drug product is safe and effective by look alone, and a manufacturer’s in-house testing alone is typically not enough. This deficiency is because testing is done on a small batch sample while the remaining product may still be used and sold.

That’s why the cGMP seeks to assure that quality is built into the design and manufacturing process, ensuring finished products are, on the whole, safer. cGMP compliant manufacturers keep the public safe and give consumers the confidence that they are receiving a food or drug product that not only works but that has been quality controlled and rigorously tested for.

What Does cGMP Mean for Consumers?

Consumers should make sure that their manufacturer is cGMP compliant. If you are a cannabis consumer, take the extra step to determine if your brand or manufacturer of choice complies with these rules. It can be a little tricky finding out where a particular strain is made or which brand manufactures it, but once you track it down — contact them and check to see if they comply. Luckily, proud manufacturers like Abundant Labs will display their badges proudly. cGMP compliant manufacturers offer peace of mind and assurance that you’re getting a quality product free of impurities and potentially harmful pesticides. The cannabis industry has come a long way in a short period! We have higher levels and quality, and therefore, better products to offer for all cannabis consumers to enjoy safely.

Do you have more questions about how Abundant Labs exemplifies cGMP standards? Feel free to contact us, and we’ll walk you through what makes our finished product and process a cut above.

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