Mar 25

What is Homogenization And Why Does It Matter?


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Homogenization refers to the process by which a substance made up of two or more parts is evenly distributed in order to maintain consistency throughout the substance. For example, when instant coffee is mixed into hot water to make a cup of coffee, that cup of coffee is a homogenized substance. 

In the case of cannabis (hemp) and cannabis (hemp) products, such as our Abundant Labs Energy Tincture, the process of homogenization involves evenly distributing the cannabinoids throughout the solvent (be it oil, concentrate, solid or liquid edible, etc…). This is done so that the THC or CBD potency is the same throughout the product, should it ever be divided. (hemp)

Why Is Homogenization Important?

Homogenization is an important part of the process when creating any product composed of more than one component. We wouldn’t want a cup of coffee that’s all water for ten sips followed by dirty water with the most bitter bits of coffee grinds in the last sip. The same can be said for household cleaning products, we need our kitchen cleaner to have the same level of concentration and effectiveness from top to bottom so that it cleans our kitchen just the same whether it’s the first spray or the fiftieth. 

Importance Of Homogenization In The Cannabis (Hemp) Industry

Similar to how we need homogenization in the manufacture of standard commercial products and general food items, we need it in the cannabis (hemp) industry as well. 

Homogenization is important for customer safety and satisfaction, as avoiding the process of homogenization while creating cannabis (hemp) products could result in your products being unequal in potency. Cannabinoids are often clumped together, which means one customer could receive a product with no cannabis (hemp) compounds, while another could receive a product with a cannabis (hemp) concentrate that is much too high. The first customer would likely be extremely dissatisfied, possibly turning to a competitor for future purchases and the latter could be at risk of overconsumption resulting in paranoia or psychosis. 

Another factor that makes homogenization so vital in the cannabis (hemp) industry is compliance. The potency and dosage of cannabis (hemp) products have to be consistent, reliable, and controlled in order to comply with local laws and regulations surrounding cannabis (hemp) products. In order for lab technicians to accurately test cannabis (hemp) consumable products, there needs to be consistency in the dispersion of the particles. This allows lab technicians to accurately verify the potency of cannabinoids and terpenoids in the product. In order for the cannabis (hemp) consumables industry to be legitimate and legal, the products within it have to follow these standards. 

Benefits Of Homogenization

On top of homogenization being essential in the cannabis (hemp) consumables industry, it also has benefits such as better appearance or even taste. It increases the bioavailability of cannabis (hemp) in the product as smaller particles allow for easier absorption of the active ingredient. This means there doesn’t need to be as much of the active ingredient in the product for it to have the desired potency, as well as meaning that the consumer may feel the effects faster. The process is also effective in ensuring the product particles cannot separate, allowing for a longer product shelf life. 

Homogenization in the cannabis (hemp) industry allows for total control of the active ingredient in cannabis (hemp) consumables and provides safety and consistency in the potency of products. Furthermore, it allows cannabis (hemp) consumables to be tested in a lab, making it easier for lab technicians to give the product the go-ahead for public consumption. Homogenization is an essential part of the legal cannabis (hemp) production process, good thing Abundant Labs knows this and utilizes their knowledge of homogenization to curate safe, reliable cannabis (hemp) products for you. 

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