Jan 09

What Tests are Done on Legal CBD?


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As a federally regulated substance, CBD testing on legal cannabis products is extensively researched and meticulously observed to ensure retailer and customer confidence in a product sold and consumed. Through a strict following of all regulations, producers and labs work together to ensure that you can trust exactly what is in your product. We remove the guesswork so you can enjoy safely, confidently, and with the best times ahead.

The push for standardised testing of cannabinoid products continues to increase as not all manufacturers of products adequately test materials before leaving the facility. This is largely due to the lack of oversight from a federal entity, such as the Food and Drug Administration. However, we strive to produce the highest quality isolates and distillates in the market by following rigorous testing of materials using high pressure liquid chromatography and flash chromatography in house and then once again by a third party. This ensures the materials do not exceed limits of THC allowed in the material under the 2018 Farm Bill as well as testing for contaminants introduced during cultivation. This is a crucial point in time for the industry as many operators are seeking guidance and standardisation of testing for cannabinoid materials. The absence of oversight allows operators to make claims of composition of material without requiring physical, analytical methods to prove the claim. 

Firstly, to ensure the sole content of either THC or CBD extraction in an isolate product, all cannabinoid distillate is tested prior to release. Following the purification process, advanced chemistry instrumentation is used to determine that no detectable amount of other cannabinoids remain. Secondly, the content of isolated THC, CBD, or other minor cannabinoids is measured to ensure that the product contains exactly the quantities as advertised and nothing else.

A suite of other compliance tests are run to ensure the safety and palatability of the product. Mycotoxins, solvents, moisture, and trace chemical analysis are all tracked and catalogued to prevent unwanted or unpleasant effects during ingestion. It’s not all boring, though! Terpenes are also measured to profile the aromatic and flavour components of the product prior to sensory evaluation.

When you purchase legal CBD, you know you are supporting a program of rigorous and data-driven efficacy. It takes a lot of work behind the scenes to produce to standards set by both regulators and our in-house technicians– work that we at Abundant Labs are happy to do every day. Check out our website for more information on our procedures and equipment, and enjoy with confidence!

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