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What We Do

What do we do?

Abundant Labs is a biorefinery specializing in the extraction and distillation of a wide range of biological materials, including cannabis and hemp.

The Abundant Labs production team consists of experienced science professionals with years of experience in lab management, biological materials extraction, and the production of industrial hemp products.

Abundant Labs uses “Standard and Proprietary” distillation methods that allow us to create products efficiently while ensuring that product quality is maintained throughout the process. As well, we have in-house Analytical equipment to ensure consistency.

We believe in the “Science of Quality,” so we have spent substantial resources to have analytics and expertise on-site to test our material through each stage of the production process.

We have been approved as a vendor for several Pharmaceutical and API manufacturers.


Abundant Labs uses a large-scale, dual-stage wiped film distillation to fractionate the cannabinoids and other molecules. This process is the same for other extractions of biological materials.

To ensure that our customers receive the highest quality products, we use a variety of high-end machines and equipment, including:

Experts in Cannabis, Hemp
and Biological Extraction

By using a Super-Cryo Ethanol (-90 degrees Celsius) Extraction method, we can efficiently and consistently remove the cannabinoids from the hemp flower. This allows for the cleanest distillate oil on the market.

Rather than using the most oversized equipment available, we chose to scale to a size allowing for the most control, then scaled out with redundancy.

To ensure we stay on the mark with our parameters, we invested in analytical equipment and experts with years of experience to test the material throughout each process stage.

The FDA defines current good manufacturing practices (cGMPs) as systems to assure proper design, monitoring, and control over manufacturing processes and facilities in pharmaceutical and other FDA-regulated industries.

cGMP certification ensures procedures, technologies, and systems are up-to-date to comply with the regulation and that the correct methods and equipment are in place to prevent contamination and errors that affect consumers.

cGMP systems include a series of controls for quality-focused operations, including:

Management systems
Quality raw materials
Standard operating procedures
Detecting and investigating deviations
Reliable analytical testing

This is achieved by utilizing high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and flash chromatography within our facility to ensure materials' identity, strength, purity, and quality at every step of the extraction process.

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